Solar Monument Led Lighting

Led monument lighting

APMFG Solar Monument Lighting includes Pole Mounted Battery Enclosure, Controller, Fuses and your custom LED lighting fixture.


Powder Coated finish ( match to your existing color or custom color).

Easy to install configured to the height of the sign required.

Adjustable Head angle with 8 x 80 elliptical lens

Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn or 10 other time settings

Sized to your City and State.

100 watt Solar Panel up to 600 watt to power up to 32 watt led Signs or Monuments.


Powder Coated finish ( match to your existing color or custom color).

12 Volt DC-24 Volt DC, 110 Volt AC to 240 Volt AC, 16 Watt Bright White LED captured around a solid machined TIG welded Aluminum Fixture for best heat dissipation with an aluminum machined led light bezel held in with S.S. tamper proof machined screws. The clear unbreakable lexan lens is durable and shock resistant.

Solar Pole engineered for maximum wind load, Poles- 20 ft, 15ft, 12ft, or any height per your specifications..

The Solar System is sized to your City or State per the LED Lighting Load with a proper 3 to 5 days of battery backup.

LED illumination spread can can be custom designed per your area not like some others that will just pick from a catalog APMFG designs and manufactures its LED Lighting.

The illumination matrix is based on 5000K bight white LED at 16 watt load and can illuminate and object from 5 ft with a spread of 5 x 10 See the table bellow.

PN# Lamp Type Watts Input Volts Forward Current Led Color Flux Beam Angle
AP-12w Surface Mount 12 12-24 V DC 700MA Bright White 5000K Elliptical
Solar 12 volt Pole Mount 100 12-24 V DC
N-S-16 Square Mount 16.8 12-24 V DC 1000 MA/350MA Bright White 5000k Wide Angle
N-S-M-16 S or P 16.8 110-240 V AC 1000 MA/350MA Bright White 5000k Option
N-S-M-32 Option 60 110-240 V AC 1000 MA/350MA Bright White 5000k Elliptical
    Led monument lighting
  • 12watt monument led light
  • 16 watt led sign fixture
  • 300 watt Solar Panels
  • 110 watt Solar System
  • 7400 Lumen LED Sign Fixtures110 watt Solar System