Palm Tree Lighting LED

LED Palm Tree Light PN# N-10.9W-SM Palm Tree Lighting

Palm Tree LED up lighting has many features and body styles for universal mounting along with a durable powder coated finish (color match or custom color).

Palm Tree LED 12, 24 Volt DC or 110-240 VAC: 10 Watt Bright White LED captured around a solid machined TIG welded Aluminum Fixture for best heat dissipation.Led light bezel held in with S.S. tamper proof machined screws. The clear unbreakable lexan lens is water tight, durable and shock resistant.

The Palm Tree LED PN# 6.6W-PM & SM can be mounted to existing or surface mounted at ground level with and adjustment of 180 degrees.The Plam Tree LED lighting fixture foot print is small a 1/4in x 4 inch x 6 inch solid aluminum base plate.

The illumination spread can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The illumination matrix is based on 3000K bight white LED at 6.6 watt load and can illuminate a Palm Tree from 20 ft with a spread of 15 foot wide

See the table bellow. Warm white is available upon request.

Sizing a Palm Tree solar lighting system is important so no off the shelf solar package will be sufficient. APMFG will take down all the data pertaining to your location and State, we can then put together a solar system for you, or we can use your existing 110-240 Volts AC to connect to which will still save you money.
NOTE: APMFG can design a Solar Battery Backup System to power your LED lights if needed.
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Customer Feedback:

Your fixture looks and works MINT! Thanks for working with me. I know much more about high end illumination and installation now. Ian J.

PN# Lamp Type Watts Input Volts Forward Current Led Color Flux
P-3.3w-FP-3k-S Surface Mount 3.3 12-24 V DC 350 MA Warm White 3000k
P-6.6w-FP-3k-SM Surface Mount 6.6 12-24 V DC 700 MA Warm White 3000k
P-3.3w-FP-3k-Sac S or P 3.3 110-240 V AC 350 MA Warm White 3000k
P-14.25w-FP-3k-SM S or P 14.25 110-240 V AC 1.500 ma Warm White 3000k
P-3.3w-FP-3k-S S or P 3.3 110-240 V AC 350 MA Warm White 3000k
P-6.6w-FP-3k-SM S or P 6.6 110-240 V AC 700 MA Warm White 3000k
  • Palm Tree LED Spot Light
  • LED Palm Tree Spot Lighting
  • Palm Tree LED Spot Light