APMFG Fabricators Inc. Solar LED Lighting

APMFG Fabricators Inc. New Solar Lighting Projects


  1. 1. San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - Award Number CA-86-X004 - San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
  2. Manufactured and installed solar lights for 25 bus stops. Provided replacement batteries for same.
  3. Virginia Beach Transit- New Custom AR-825 Solar Bus Stop Light Poles- Manufactured qty 40
  4. Lake Elsinore New Custom Designed Solar Monument 240 watt 24 volt Solar Battery Back up and 9 watt LED 24 volt LED Lighting.
  5. MTS Goldline Custom 6 foot diameter LED light Rings.
  6. City of Solvang - New APMFG Solar Bus Stop 20 watt LED Light Poles.
  7. Arizona Navajo Nation - Solar Bus Shelter LED Lighting Kits
  8. New Redesigned 20 foot Solar Dome Roof Solar Illuminated Bus Shelters for Inglewood CA with 6 watts of APMFG Flush Mounted LED lighting
  9. New Solar High Power 20ft Custom Shelters for Huntington Park CA.
  10. New Solar High Power Lighting System for retrofit Kentucky TANK
  11. New High Power Solar Bus Shelters and Kiosk for Baldwin Park CA
  12. New High Power Solar Pole Mounted Lighting for Charlottesville CAT
  13. New High Power Solar AR850 Bus Shelter Roseville Transit
  14. New High Power Solar Monument APMFG LED Fixture Lighting Poway CA


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