Solar Bus Stop LED Lighting

Solar Bus Stop Led Lighting Systems:

Note: APMFG Solar believes that one Solar Light Pole does not fit all!

APMFG will consult with you and engineer the proper Solar Bus Stop Light to your longitude and latitude.

Our Solar Light poles conserves energy in the following ways.

  1. Quick and easy to install.
  2. No-Buttons to Push.
  3. Illumination of a circumference of 47 feet or a 15 feet diameter.
  4. The foot candles from 10ft to the base of the light is 2.7 foot candles.
  5. Runs Dusk to Dawn or 8 different on - off times.
  6. No trenching for electrical and grid tie ins.

Solar panel

Battery with 5 day reserve

High output illumination

solar bus stop led lightSolar Bus Stop LED Lighting
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