Solar Hip Peak Bus Shelter Led Lighting

Solar Shelter LED Lighting:

APMFG Solar engineers have been designing it's Solar Bus Shelter Lighting to be sized for all of our Bus Shelters and other retro-fit shelters. APMFG Solar Bus Shelter Lighting is designed to make the installation fast and easy. All of our Solar Bus Shelter Lighting have been developed to provide the maximum Foot Candles. APMFG has been using UL approved Solar Panels and are sized for your State and City depending on the size of your Bus Shelter and the illumination time we can determine how many watts are needed. All of our Solar panels come with a 20 year warranty.

Our Charge Controllers are the best and safest to use. APMFG shelters use the Morningstar charge controller but are not always used depending on the size of the system.

APMFG uses quick reset circuit breakers for ease of field installation.

APMFG is always researching and using the brightest and most efficient LED's on the market.

Batteries are becoming more efficient every year and we can add more autonomy to the system, most AGM Solar Batteries come with a 3 to 5 year warranty. Lithium Batteries can last up to 10 Years however can not be used in freezing temperatures.

APMFG has desiged and built Solar LED lighting fixtures to be flush mounted inside the main tube members to prevent the vandals from breaking out the lighting fixtures.

APMFG will take down all the data pertaining to your location and State, we can then put together a solar system for you.

PN# Lamp Type Watts Input Volts Forward Current Led Color Flux
DR-120w- 1140 15 12-24 V DC 700 MA Bright White 5000k
DR-85w 855 9 12-24 V DC 700 MA Bright White 5000k
DR-60w 570 6 12-24 V DC 700 MA Bright White 5000k
DR-20w 370 2 12-24 V DC 350 ma Bright White 5000k
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