Solar DC/AC Off Grid Inverter Systems

Solar off grid DC/AC

APMFG Solar designed and developed this system with the help of Sunwize Solar Products.

1200watt solar panels with aluminum frame racking, 40amp 24v solar battery charge controller, AC & DC 3000watt Sinwave inverter

7.2Kw Lithium battery backup system . System quick disconnect for easy mobility to other locations


Continuous 3000 Watt Sin Wave Inverter with Four Prong Plug, internal overload 40 amp Fuse.

Input 12 Volts Nominal (11-15) possible

Thermal Overload 155 deg. with Low Voltage Alarm

12 Volt socket to charge cell phones, AA batteries, any other appliance that 12 volts.

Example Load: the load is 1500 watts/divide by 120=1.5 Amps:

Please email us with your load requirements Email Requirements

  • Solar 1200 off grid
  • 3000w sinwave 120 vac
Price- TBD