Solar Bus Stop 1 to 4 watt Led Light

Solar Bus Stop LED Pole Mounted Lighting System:Solar Bus Stop LED Lighting

Note: APMFG Solar believes that one Solar Light Pole does not fit all!

APMFG Solar will consult with you and engineer the proper Solar Bus Stop Light to your longitude and latitude.

Our Solar Light pole conserves energy in the following ways.

  1. Quick and easy to install.
  2. No-Buttons to Push.
  3. Illumination of a circumference of 47 feet or a 15 feet diameter.Special Optics allow us to improve and protect
  4. The foot candles from 10ft to the base of the light is 2.7 foot candles. LED High Power Optics
  5. Runs Dusk to Dawn plus 8 other settings.
  6. APMFG Solar. can supply the mounting pole with a surface mounting plate or can install on your existing poles with tamper proof hardware.

Solar panel 20 year warranty

Battery with 5 day reserve Lithium Batteries or AGM

2 high power LED- option 168 lumen to 1258 lumens

High output illumination

Option:Controller for multiple illumination settings.

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PN# Lamp Type Watts Input Volts Forward Current Led Color Flux
40w- 850 9 12- V DC 350 MA Bright White 5000k
25w 430 3 12 V DC 350-700 MA Bright White 5000k
  • Solar 3 watt LED Light
  • Solar Bus Stop Light